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Berioli & the Green Heart of Italy

Introduction to Berioli Berioli's Winery has been open in Montesperello since the beginning of 1900 and is located on the green hills around the Trasimeno Lake, on the border between Umbria and Tuscany.  This territory has been universally appreciated for its historical, cultural, artistic heritage as well as for its splendid landscapes which are so rich in greenery that Umbria is nicknamed "The Green Heart of Italy".  It is a land where olive trees and vineyards rule. Here oenology dates back to the Roman-Etruscan times, more then 3000 years ago. The Winery: Philosophy, Science and Passion  At Berioli there have been many innovations introduced in the vineyards, while maintaining key traditions. With new acquisitions, Berioli currently cultivates 12 hectares of organic vineyard. Roberto Berioli...

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Franco Ziliani: Cuvee' More, Pas Dose critique

Franco Ziliani is an Italian wine expert, wine critic and journalist. Franco has contributed to several periodicals including Decanter, A Tavola, Barolo & Co. and Merum, Il Corriere Vinicolo, De Vinis, The World of Fine Wine, as well as a column for Harpers Magazine with Nicola Belfrage with whom he has also contributed to Tom Stevenson's annual Wine Report. He has also been credited with first breaking the 2008 Brunello Scandal. Franco kindly allowed us to translate his blog post critiquing Moratti's Cuvee' More, Pas Dose that we have recently stocked largely due to his strong recommendation:  An unbearable black and white label that evokes stolen championship leagues, corrupted referees and Turinian arrogance, this the first reaction I had when I saw the label of this Oltrepo' Pavese. Moreover, knowing that Moratti, the producer of this excellent Classic Method Pinot Noir 100%,...

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Moratti: sparkling wines from Oltrepò Pavese

Oltrepò Pavese Oltrepò Pavese is a wine growing area in Lombardy, in the very north of Italy not far from Milan, that borders both Piedmont and Emilia Romagna. It is best known as a longstanding stronghold of the Pinot Nero grape variety, most of which is used to produce sparkling wines. Although Oltrepò Pavese wines are not particularly well known in England, this region is Italy's third largest wine producing region by volume, only behind Asti and Chianti.  Moratti The Moratti family is one of Italy's largest and most important family's. Angelo Moratti, 1909-1981, founded the Saras Group - one of the largest petroleum refining companies in the world - and was for many years owner and chairman of Inter Milan. He was the father of the late Gian...

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