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Moratti: sparkling wines from Oltrepò Pavese

Oltrepò Pavese

Oltrepò Pavese is a wine growing area in Lombardy, in the very north of Italy not far from Milan, that borders both Piedmont and Emilia Romagna. It is best known as a longstanding stronghold of the Pinot Nero grape variety, most of which is used to produce sparkling wines. Although Oltrepò Pavese wines are not particularly well known in England, this region is Italy's third largest wine producing region by volume, only behind Asti and Chianti. 


The Moratti family is one of Italy's largest and most important family's. Angelo Moratti, 1909-1981, founded the Saras Group - one of the largest petroleum refining companies in the world - and was for many years owner and chairman of Inter Milan. He was the father of the late Gian Marco Moratti and of Massimo Moratti, heir to the family's fortune and current chairman of Saras.

Castello di Cigognola

Gian Marco and Letizia Moratti have owned a winery in the region since the early 80's by the name of Castello di Cigognola (The Castle of Cigognola). The winery features an impressive fortress, dating back the 13th century, perched on-top of a high high hill that overlooks stunning vineyards. 


Renowned oenologist Riccardo Cotarella was intimately involved in the establishment of the winery and closely advised throughout much of its early processes. Today, it is run by Gian Marco and Letizia’s son Gabriele, alongside the company's CEO, Gian Matteo Baldi. 



Wines we offer from Castello di Cigognola

Cuvee 'More, Pas Dose, Oltre Po' Pavese, classic Method, Moratti

Cuvee dell'Angelo 2012, Oltre Po' Pavese, Classic Method, Moratti