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Franco Ziliani: Cuvee' More, Pas Dose critique

Franco Ziliani is an Italian wine expert, wine critic and journalist. Franco has contributed to several periodicals including DecanterA TavolaBarolo & Co. and MerumIl Corriere VinicoloDe VinisThe World of Fine Wine, as well as a column for Harpers Magazine with Nicola Belfrage with whom he has also contributed to Tom Stevenson's annual Wine Report. He has also been credited with first breaking the 2008 Brunello Scandal.

Franco kindly allowed us to translate his blog post critiquing Moratti's Cuvee' More, Pas Dose that we have recently stocked largely due to his strong recommendation: 

An unbearable black and white label that evokes stolen championship leagues, corrupted referees and Turinian arrogance, this the first reaction I had when I saw the label of this Oltrepo' PaveseMoreover, knowing that Moratti, the producer of this excellent Classic Method Pinot Noir 100%, are not new comers but instead bear a "sacred" surname for Inter-Milan supporters like me. A surname that brings memories of major european championships won, names of football champions like Mazzola, Facchetti, Sarti, Burgnich, names of coaches like Herrera or Mourinho and not amateur coaches like Conte...!
The production of this metodo classico is made at the castello di Cigognola estate, owned by the Moratti Family and managed by Gabriele Moratti. Pinot Noir 100% with probably a touch of Meunieur, 18 to 24 months on the lees with disgorgement February 2020. The production of this excellent Olterpo' Pavese has been under the suspervision of Riccardo Cotarella and Emilio Renato De Filippi.
Once passed the first reaction, I uncorked the bottled and I enjoyed the colour, a marvellous bright ( shiny ) straw yellow, with a fine perlage of great vivacity. A fresh bouquet elegant and convincing with citrus scent and a touch of bread crust. White fresh flowers, pineapple, attack lively in the mouth, nervous crunchy savory with beautiful freshness and vivacity, energy and crunchiness beautiful draw length, long and lively tail, great balance and pleasantness, as I was transported by this storm of aromas and scents, I kept sipping this "Pas Dose Cuvee More" until I finished the bottle. 
You can find this wine on our website via this link and you can also follow Franco's blog here. 
We'd like to thank Franco again for allowing us to translate (to the best of our ability) his insightful, poignant and beautifully articulated views. Eythrope Wine relies heavily on local expertise when selecting our wines and we are our proud and fortunate to be able to call Franco our friend and trusted advisor.