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SOBI: Vino rosso

Variety: BOVALEDDU (Bovale sardo) 25%, CANNONAU 35%, MONICA 5%, 35% pascale, cagnulari, carignano, barbera

Vinification: After a slow and careful destemming of the bunch, fermentation starts with spontaneous pied de cuve in 20 Hl cement tanks. Here the whole berries alternated with whole clusters begin their fermentation process. Process that lasts about 3 weeks during which light manual punching takes place after 2 weeks.

Ageing: the wine is aged for 8 months in large oak barrels. During this period he carries out the MLF and light cruising is performed.

Bottling: September 2020

Corking: natural cork

Origin: Mandrolisai vineyards in the municipality of Neoneli

No. of bottles produced: 8500