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Powerful Veneto

Powerful Veneto

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Veneto has always been a land famous for its wine production and since the Prosecco became the most popular wine in the world, Veneto grew also in popularity and quality. We have selected six exquisite wines:

1 x Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG

Prosecco doesn't need any major introduction although the one from Valdobbiadene certainly needs some special attention. It is the first Prosecco DOCG ever created in Veneto and it is definitely the best. Just try it!

1 x Spumante Rose

The wine is characterized by a pink intense colour with gently coppery shades. Typically fresh and subtly floral scents. The flavour is dry and persistent, with a very good freshness.

1 x Pinot Grigio Tudajo

Pinot Grigio Tudajo di Bosco del Merlo is a very elegant and internationally appreciated white wine, pale yellow in colour with light coppery shades reminiscent of the colour of the grapes. The scent is intense with hints of acacia flowers and nutmeg. It is dry on the palate, pleasantly broad and confirms the olfactory senses.

1 x Merlot Campo Camino Riserva

Campo Camino is a single-varietal Merlot with an intense red colour and purple hues, a broad and interesting scent to balance its fruity and spicy hints. On the palate, it is velvety, full-bodied and harmonious, with excellent structure. A single-varietal Merlot that expresses both a strong varietal identity and marked territoriality.

1 x Syraz Seduzione

Syrah is an international grape variety famous for its spicy notes that Paladin interprets with great elegance. The grapes are harvest at optimally maturity. It’s a generous vine, to obtain a quality product and with a high typicality, the yield is controlled. Intense red wine with garnet reflections. The perfume is enveloping with notes of red fruit, spices and black pepper. In mouth, we can find the cherry in spirit and coffee

1 x Cabernet Nono Miglio

Cabernet Sauvignon Nono Miglio is distinguished by its enchanting brilliant red colour and by its delicious scent with distinct herbaceous, fresh spicy and sweet hints. The flavor is austere, full-blooded and velvety. Cabernet Sauvignon is an international grape variety whose characteristics are hugely influenced by the area in which it is cultivated. Food pairing with grilled and roasted meat or fish.